Thank you to our 2018 Extra Mile Club members! Gifts to the Extra Mile Club are split between two crucial ministry areas: 80% to the Operating Fund and 20% to the Building Fund. Donors choose from one of three giving levels: Runner, Sprinter, and Marathoner.

  • Ms. Allison Erby

  • Ms. Parker Schramme



  • Mr. Chris Sheldon

  • Dr. and Mrs. Spencer and Laura Allen

  • Rev. and Mrs. Clark and Sherry Atkins

  • Dr. and Mrs. Chad and Kim Betts

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Teresa Blakley

  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Karen Blasingame

  • Ms. Susan Bradley

  • Ms. Judy Brittenum

  • Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Lisa Butterfield

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Staci Clinkscales

  • Ms. Karen Cox

  • Dr. and Mr. Jan and Deames Davis

  • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck and Jennifer Gant

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Jeanne Glover

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bud and Jan Hanks

  • Mr. Jeff Harris

  • Ms. Betsy Hein

  • Mr. Jerry Herndon

  • Mr. and Mrs. Darren and Tracy Hillis

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Joanna Hudson

  • Dr. and Mr. Sharon and David Hunt

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Debbie Johanson

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Jennifer Kidd

  • Pastor and Mr. Rachel and Kevin Krest

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Stephanie Larkin

  • Rev. and Mrs. Jim and Beth Lenderman

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Karen Love

  • Mrs. Marybeth Mayfield

($25-$199 / MONTH)


  • Mr. and Mrs. John and Kay McMullen

  • Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson and Marci Miller

  • Mr. Michael Mings

  • Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Diane Modisette

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Valerie Moore

  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Tia Murchison

  • Mr. and Mrs. James and Gwen Myatt

  • Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Jana Owens

  • Mr. and Mrs. William and Cynthia Paulsen

  • Dr. and Mrs. Taylor and Mary Prewitt

  • Ms. Carolyn Rodeffer

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Patti Sanders

  • Ms. Pam Satterfield

  • Ms. Michele Sears

  • Mr. Evan Silva

  • Dr. and Mrs. Tom and Kyle Spicer

  • Mr. and Mrs. Gene and June Staggs

  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Tami Stewart

  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Kim Stith

  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Jovie Swain

  • Rev. and Mrs. Carness and Ashley Vaughan

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Jill Wells

  • Mr. Wesley Wells

  • Mr. James Westmark

  • Dr. and Mrs. Barry and Kathy Wetsell

  • Reverends Jeanne and Heath Williams

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Rebecca Wilson

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dirk and Julie Thibodaux

  • Dr. and Mrs. Dave and Janis Ureckis

($200-$399 / MONTH)


  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Tina Worden

  • Rev. Emily Burch

($400+ / MONTH)


  • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck and Elizabeth Murphy



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